What We Offer

Corporate Relocation Counseling

Integrating the children of temporary foreign employees into elementary and high schools in the US is often a challenging task.   With the time, effort, and money a corporation puts into bringing temporary employees to the US to perform needed and specialized functions, it is most important that the employee be content on the job and at home- and stay.  Educated Choices LLC provides educational counseling to families of corporate employees in order to facilitate a smooth educational transition from system to system and culture to culture.

Educated Choices provides the following:


  • Orientation

We provide an orientation discussion with both parents and children (age allowing) early upon the family's arrival in the US.  Families will learn, in a general sense how education works in the US, what some fundamental differences are from what they have experienced in the past, and what educational options exist at the various educational levels.

  • Preparation

We provide a check sheet of education-related items to be researched and "packed" for the trip.   Parents will be motivated to come to the US with information that prepares them for not only beginning a new system and experience in education but eventual re-integration into their home system.

  • Liaison and Follow Through

Many families and students are not only mystified by the overall educational structure in the US, but a school's internal mechanisms as well.  For this reason, it may be necessary to intercede on behalf of the students and parents.

  • Higher Education Counseling

For those students who are at the secondary level, we provide post-secondary counseling.  This may well entail discussions with the student regarding university admission strategy and search, and periodic communication with the school's guidance staff and prospective foreign colleges and universities.

  • Consideration at the End of Stay

We assist families in the preparation for return by checking that appropriate material is gathered so that re-entry into the educational environment of origin is as smooth as possible.  This may well include the gathering of reports and summaries of the curriculum for the courses of study which were completed during the student's stay in the US.



Pricing for these services will necessarily be made on a case-by-case basis with a final determination to be made after the initial meeting with the family.  This initial meeting and preliminary follow-up conversation and advisement will be $1000.00.  We have calculated that the majority of students may well be provided for an expenditure of $3000.00.  The maximum charge will be $5000.00.  In the final analysis, we will price for what we deliver.  Hourly rates at $175.00 per hour plus expenses are an option as well.