Educated Choices, LLC

Who we are

Established by Dr. David Sirota in 1992, Educated Choices, LLC is an Educational Consulting Firm Specializing in Foreign Education Evaluation Services and Planning. 

What we do

  • Evaluations required by many U.S. Colleges and Universities for admissions, transfer or graduate admissions
  • Course By Course Evaluations
  • Foreign Education Credential Evaluation Accepted By U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Evaluations for purposes of Teacher Certification
  • Reports on Specialty Occupation, Extraordinary Ability, and similar matters

What to expect

CLIENTS can expect personalized services, reasonable prices and excellent response time.

WE WORK DIRECTLY with the client or with a representative, depending upon the specific situation and needs.

EDUCATED CHOICES is our name as well as the cornerstone of our philosophy. It is our belief that each challenge can be met in a variety of ways. The "right" approach is the strategy that works -- and this is likely to differ from client to client.

AS EDUCATOR PRACTITIONERS we recognize that the key to success is correct option identification with joint problem solving and decision making central to the client/consultant relationship. Client involvement throughout the process creates motivation and a sense of personal accomplishment.

Life brings with it many choices. The best choices are invariably Educated Choices.